Quantum Foundations Mailing List

Bob Coecke and Jamie Vicary have started a mailing list on “quantum foundations”.

They write:

It was agreed by many that the existence of a quantum foundations mailing list, with a wide scope and involving the broad international community, was long overdue. This moderated list (to avoid spam or abuse) will mainly distribute announcements of conferences and other international events in the area, as well as other relevant adverts such as jobs in the area. It is set up at Oxford University, which should provide a guarantee of stability and sustainability. The scope ranges from the mathematical end of quantum foundations research to the purely philosophical issues.


To subscribe to the list, send a blank email to

To unsubscribe from the list, send a blank email to

Any complaints etc can be send to Bob Coecke and Jamie Vicary.

I have deleted their email addresses here, along with the address for posting articles to the list, to lessen the amount of spam these addresses get. But it’s easy enough to find Bob and Jamie’s addresses, and presumably when you subscribe you’ll be told how to post messages!

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