Azimuth News (Part 3)

post by David Tanzer

Here are some notes from the back offices of the Azimuth project. After a long and productive stay as the Azimuth tech guy, Andrew Stacey is moving along and passing the baton to me. As part of this change, we’ve relocated the servers to a new Azimuth hosted account, and updated the forum software.

The forum is now at a new location:

This is where we collaborate on writing wiki and blog articles, on research and education projects, and on software development and systems issues. It’s also a fun place to chat with other professionals in a wide range of science-related fields.

So come on down to the forum! If you want to post, just apply for an account there. Acceptance criteria are minimal. A sincere desire to help goes a long way.

Important:  please use your full name, using “camel case” capitalization e.g. DavidTanzer, as your userid.  I will then put the spaces into your user ID.  (We want the spaces, but the registration form blocks them.)  The point is that we want to present ourselves as we really are.

4 Responses to Azimuth News (Part 3)

  1. Thats good news! It could be a way for those of us, like myself who are working on these interrelated issues. A sincere desire to help coming from widely differing backgrounds. The greenhouse effect was a physics question I noticed on an exam in 1994 that I failed to answer correctly, but it is the influence of that remarkable coincidence that sparked my most serious professional interests, it was interestingly through the lens of maths and the lectures, John Baez, “on what makes the numbers 5, 8 and 24 so special” leading me now to Azimuth.

  2. 1994 should read 1974, I admit it was a long time ago.

  3. David Tanzer says:

    There is a glitch with entering spaces in your username, so please reread the blog article, I’ve altered the registration instructions.

  4. John Baez says:

    I’d like to thank David publicly for moving the Azimuth Forum to its new home and tackling all the technical issues involved in doing this in a clear-minded, efficient way! It’s great!

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