A Categorical Semantics for Causal Structure


The school for Applied Category Theory 2018 is up and running! Students are blogging about papers! The first blog article is about a diagrammatic method for studying causality:

• Joseph Moeller and Dmitry Vagner, A categorical semantics for causal structure, The n-Category Café, 22 January 2018.

Make sure to read the whole blog conversation, since it helps a lot. People were confused about some things at first.

Joseph Moeller is a grad student at U.C. Riverside working with me and a company called Metron Scientific Solutions on “network models”—a framework for designing networks, which the Coast Guard is already interested in using for their search and rescue missions:

• John C. Baez, John Foley, Joseph Moeller and Blake S. Pollard, Network Models. (Blog article here.)

Dmitry Vagner is a grad student at Duke who is very enthusiastic about category theory. Dmitry has worked with David Spivak and Eugene Lerman on open dynamical systems and the operad of wiring diagrams.

It’s great to see these students digging into the wonderful world of category theory and its applications.

To discuss this stuff, please go to The n-Category Café.

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