Applied Category Theory Postdocs at NIST

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We are looking to expand our group of applied category theorists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Our group develops use cases, tools and methodology to apply category theory and related methods in a broad range of disciplines centered around the design, implementation, operation and evolution of engineered systems.

We encourage those eligible and interested to apply for the National Research Council Research Associateship Program. The upcoming deadline is February 1st, for those looking to start by December 2020.

The relevant postdoctoral opportunities can be found here:

Mathematical Foundations for System Interoperability
Research in Cyber-Physical Systems

These 2-year postdoctoral positions are only open to US citizens, come with a base stipend around $72k (12 month), great benefits, and travel support.

For non-US citizens, NIST has mechanisms to host foreign guest researchers (undergrad through professor). Typically, such researchers propose their own projects to be completed in collaboration with researchers and use of facilities at NIST.

For more information, contact Spencer Breiner (, Blake Pollard (, and/or Eswaran Subrahmanian (

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