Category Theory Community Server

My student Christian Williams has started a community server for category theory, computer science, logic, as well as general science and industry. In just a few days, it has grown into a large and lively place, with people of many backgrounds and interests. Please feel free to join!

Register here:

(this link will expire in a while) and from then on you can just go here:

If the link for registration has expired, just let me know and I’ll revive it.


28 Responses to Category Theory Community Server

  1. We’re having a seminar on applied category theory at U. C. Riverside, organized by Joe Moeller and Christian Williams.

    It will take place on Wednesdays at 5 pm UTC, which is 10 am in California or 1 pm on the east coast of the United States, or 6 pm in England.

    We’ll have discussions on the Category Theory Community Server.

  2. bhaugen says:

    Yes, that join link has expired, and now zulip says an invitation is required to sign up.

  3. Ishan Dasgupta Samarendra says:

    Dear Professor Baez
    I would like to join the community on Zulip. Would it be possible for you to kindly update the link?
    Many thanks in advance.

  4. Prof. Can you please update the invitation link?

  5. Hello,

    the link has expired again! Could it be updated?


  6. gasche says:

    The invitation link expired again.

  7. Dan Christensen says:

    Since this seems to be the canonical place to get the link, can you update it again? Thanks!

    • John Baez says:

      Hi! I updated it. We’ve got a lot of computer-related category theory going on there, and applied category theory, and various other kinds of category theory, including topos theory and just a bit of homotopy type theory.

  8. Jason Gross says:

    Could you update it again? Thanks!

  9. Marcelo Muniz Alves says:

    Dear John, could you please update the link to the community on Zullip? Thanks in advance

  10. Kyle says:

    Hi John, can you please update the link again? Thanks!

  11. ct says:

    Would you please update the link again?

  12. John Baez says:

    Okay, I’m doing it right now…

  13. Can you please update the link

  14. Richard says:

    John Baez,

    Could you please update the Zulip link?

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