ACT@UCR Seminar (Part 2)

The spring 2020 seminar on applied category theory at U.C. Riverside is done! Here you can see videos of all the talks, along with talk slides, discussions and more:

• John Baez: Structured cospans and double categories.

• Prakash Panangaden: A categorical view of conditional expectation.

• Jules Hedges: Open games: the long road to practical applications.

• Michael Shulman: Star-autonomous envelopes.

• Gershom Bazerman: A localic approach to the semantics of dependency, conflict, and concurrency.

• Sarah Rovner-Frydman: Separation logic through a new lens.

• Tai-Danae Bradley: Formal concepts vs. eigenvectors of density operators.

• Gordon Plotkin: A complete axiomatisation of partial differentiation.

• Simon Willerton: The Legendre–Fenchel transform from a category theoretic perspective.

• Nina Otter: Values and inclusivity in the applied category theory community.

Thanks to everyone for participating in this!

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