The Signal Beat – A Related Blog

David Arthur Tanzer

Greetings Azimuth readers! This is a note to introduce myself and a new math blog that I am starting. I’ve been involved with Azimuth for a long time now, having written some blog articles years back, and have been helping to keep things organized on the forum. I have a PhD in CS and an undergraduate degree in math, and have continued to study math in the context of Azimuth and the applied category theory community. Professionally I am experienced as software engineer and developer for quantitative finance, and have an independent consulting practice based in New York City.

The Signal Beat is a math-oriented blog, with popular style articles written for a range of audiences. It could, for example, present first principles of epidemic modeling to general readers, matrix transformations to programmers, or category theory to math undergraduates. My aim is to develop it into a coherent library of tutorials. The tagline is: a math reading room.

Following up on an invitation from John, I will be cross-posting the articles here to Azimuth — a great community for talking about ideas!

The blog is offered in a spirit of public outreach. In these times of pandemic, climate threat and attacks on science, an informed public is truly needed. A broad-based culture of science would be a natural complement and support for the activity of professional scientists. Every good scientist had a mother and a father, and so generally speaking their education made a contribution as well.

As some articles are written with nonprofessional audiences in mind, a typical Azimuth reader might feel that certain points are being over-explained. There is a tightrope to be walked with this kind of writing; where possible, I aim to leave no competent reader behind. In any case you might want to read on, as the posts are connected into series that go from point A to point B.

The first posts will be on computer science and mathematical epidemiology. Later themes may include foundations of probability theory, machine learning, basic category theory and its applications, and biological modeling.

Submissions for guest contributions are invited.

I look forward to discussing ideas with you here on Azimuth!


Reposted from the Signal Beat, Copyright © 2021, All Rights Reserved.

3 Responses to The Signal Beat – A Related Blog

  1. John Baez says:

    Welcome, David! It’s great to have a fellow blogger here.

  2. Hi David

    In your intellectual travels have you turned your mind to the problem of why moderate views rarely prevail? A few years ago Seth Marvel and Steve Strogatz and some other researchers published a paper on that subject:

    Others have worked on social contagion models on networks. There is a guy whose name escapes me who has been a long term recipient of US Defence department research contracts and he did some modelling on how a few influencers on Facebook could wreak havoc with the US hospital system.

    In this age of atomisation of everything the study of how opinions coalesce is a fascinating subject.



    • Hi Peter, that’s not a subject I’ve given much thought to, but I see the interest in it. As you have considered it, feel free to share any of the key points that you see. That paper is behind a paywall. How mathematical are the treatments you have seen?

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