Coxeter and Dynkin Diagrams

Coxeter and Dynkin diagrams classify a wide variety of structures, most notably finite reflection groups, lattices having such groups as symmetries, compact simple Lie groups and complex simple Lie algebras. The simply laced or ‘ADE’ Dynkin diagrams also classify finite subgroups of SU(2) and quivers with finitely many indecomposable representations.

I’m talking about Coxeter and Dynkin diagrams now in my This Week’s Finds seminars. I started in Lecture 4, which you can see on video already, and the next lecture is today.

You can read my lecture notes:

Coxeter and Dynkin diagrams.

Just as a reminder: my talks are on Thursdays at 3:00 pm UK time in Room 6206 of the James Clerk Maxwell Building at the University of Edinburgh. The first was on September 22nd, and the last on December 1st.

To attend on Zoom, go here:
Meeting ID: 822 7032 5098
Passcode: XXXXXX36

Here the X’s stand for the name of a famous lemma in category theory.

You can see videos of my talks here.

Also, you can discuss them on the Category Theory Community Server if you go here.

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