Adjoint School 2023

Are you interested in applying category-theoretic methods to problems outside of pure mathematics? Apply to the Adjoint School!

Apply here. And do it soon.

• January 9, 2023. Application Due.

• February – July, 2023. Learning Seminar.

• July 24 – 28, 2023. In-person Research Week at University of Maryland, College Park, USA

Participants are divided into four-person project teams. Each project is guided by a mentor and a TA. The Adjoint School has two main components: an online learning seminar that meets regularly between February and June, and an in-person research week held in the summer adjacent to the Applied Category Theory Conference.

During the learning seminar you will read, discuss, and respond to papers chosen by the project mentors. Every other week a pair of participants will present a paper which will be followed by a group discussion. After the learning seminar each pair of participants will also write a blog post, based on the paper they presented, for The n-Category Café

Projects and Mentors

• Message passing logic for categorical quantum mechanics – Mentor: Priyaa Srinivasan
• Behavioural metrics, quantitative logics and coalgebras – Mentor: Barbara König
• Concurrency in monoidal categories – Mentor: Chris Heunen
• Game comonads and finite model theory – Mentor: Dan Marsden

See more information about research projects at


• Ana Luiza Tenorio 
• Angeline Aguinaldo
• Elena Di Lavore 
• Nathan Haydon

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