Let Me Think

My friend Joshua Meyers, formerly a math grad student at U. C. Riverside, is now trying to develop new scholarly institutions: alternatives to universities.

So, he’s started a project called Let Me Think. He’s gotten money from Jaan Tallinn and the Survival and Flourishing Fund to run a meeting where 20 people will stay in rural New York for two months and plan how to build these new institutions. The venue is a 93-acre site on top of a mountain, with its own lake.

It’ll happen this summer. In a while you can apply to join! Read more about it here:

Scholarship Workshop 2023.

Here’s the schedule and goals:

Here are some of the reasons Joshua Meyers wants to build new scholarly institutions—institutions primarily for thinking, not for teaching:

A lot of people make these complaints, of course. What’s interesting is that he’s trying to do something new:

For more details on this, go here.

You can contact him at


4 Responses to Let Me Think

  1. Colin says:

    Glad to read this. Worth getting involved. I think new tools would need to be harnessed or developed to give it wings.

  2. Wolfgang says:

    It might be interesting to study the case of LIMS – London Institute for Mathematical Sciences, which seems to be founded with many of the same principles of undisturbed scholarship in mind. At least, that’s what it looks from the outside.

  3. Linda Eisele says:

    I love what you are planning to do at your Scholarship Workshop. From my understanding, the way to develop a superior product is to learn from the experts, the people you are trying to serve. Ask them what would work, what they want and need. Many don’t know until it is presented to them, but some are aware.
    I look forward to seeing the results of your workshop.

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