Joint Mathematics Meetings 2023

This is the biggest annual meeting of mathematicians:

Joint Mathematical Meetings 2023, Wednesday January 4 – Saturday January 7, 2023, John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, Boston Marriott Hotel, and Boston Sheraton Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts.

As part of this huge meeting, the American Mathematical Society is having a special session on Applied Category Theory on Thursday January 5th.

I hear there will be talks by Eugenia Cheng and Olivia Caramello!

You can submit an abstract to give a talk. The deadline is Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

It should be lots of fun. There will also be tons of talks on other subjects.

However, there’s a registration fee which is pretty big unless you’re a student or, even better, a ‘nonmathematician guest’. (I assume you’re not allowed to give a talk if you’re a nonmathematician.)

The special session is called SS 96 and it comes in two parts: one from 8 am to noon, and the other from 1 pm to 5 pm. It’s being run by these participants of this summer’s Mathematical Research Community on applied category theory:

• Charlotte Aten, University of Denver
• Pablo S. Ocal, University of California, Los Angeles
• Layla H. M. Sorkatti, Southern Illinois University
• Abigail Hickok, University of California, Los Angeles

This Mathematical Research Community was run by Daniel Cicala, Simon Cho, Nina Otter, Valeria de Paiva and me, and I think we’re all coming to the special session. At least I am!

4 Responses to Joint Mathematics Meetings 2023

  1. says:

    Hi John-

    The days and dates don’t seem to line up in the opening paragraphs.

    Hope all is going well with you!


    • John Baez says:

      I often screw these things up due to lack of attention, but Wednesday January 4, Saturday January 7, and Thursday January 5 look correct for 2023.

      I’m doing great! I recently went to a planning meeting at the Topos Institute, and I’m excited about how they are growing and doing good work.

  2. Keith Harbaugh says:

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